Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, September 12

(meeting will be held immediately after the worship service)

For our re-opening for in-person services, we will follow the procedures below.

  • Each person attending our in person church service needs to self sign in.  There will be no need for temperature or any other screening or questions.

  • Service will be held in the sanctuary on Sunday, June 27 and July 4.  Starting July 11, services will be in the gymnasium.

  • Entrance will be through the gym doors if service is held in the gym.

  • Entrance will be through the fellowship hall side door if service is held in the sanctuary.

  • Exits will be through the church gym if services are held in the gym.  If held in the sanctuary we will use the front door exits or elevator.

  • No hymn books, bibles or printed bulletins will be distributed.  An overhead projector will be used.

  • The offering plates will be placed at their designated location.

  • There will be no coffee hour.

  • Appropriate face coverings must be worn indoors and singing is permitted while wearing the coverings.  

  • No food or beverages are allowed unless for medical purposes.

  • Seating in the gym will be like last summer where social distancing is observed.  Seating in the sanctuary will also be defined with social distancing.  

  • The sermons will be recorded and posted online for those unable to attend.