Music Ministry at Westminster

Choir Rehearsals held Thursdays @ 7PM

Due to the recommendations by Horseshoe Falls Regional Council as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, our choir rehearsals have been suspended until further notice.

We have received permission from the Niagara Region’s Health office to participate in congregational singing provided all participating are wearing masks.

Music at Westminster United Church is an essential part of the service.  The hymns are generally selected from the hymnary, Voices United.  However, on several occasions, they hymns are chosen from other sources.  We have three main instruments in our sanctuary:  organ, acoustic piano and digital piano.  The Rogers organ is the principal instrument of our church for congregational hymn singing.  The acoustic piano is the instrument of choice for accompanying soloists and the Sunday School.  It is also used quite often to provide background music during communion.  The digital piano has proven to be a valuable asset as it is used numerous times for the rehearsing and performance of our choir anthems.  Once in a while, you will hear guitar, saxophone and various percussion instruments.


During the months between September and June, our congregation is led by the choir.  Weekly anthems are sung and the styles cover a wide range.  From traditional gospel songs to recently published anthems that contain a hint of jazz!


We are always looking for new choir members – the ability to read music is not a prerequisite.  The only requirements are; the desire to serve our Lord through singing and have a sense of humour!  If you want to give it a try with the choir, practices are held Thursday evenings at 7PM.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Pictures by our music director while stranded in the Philippines set to music.

Our Music Director's students Emily, Mia, and Maya shared their music during our Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service.

Choir Members - upcoming anthems